Vitreq repair service

All surgical instruments periodically require maintenance and repair. No one is better suited to recondition your instruments than our Vitreq experienced craftsmen.

Our maintenance program is designed to return your instruments to ‘as new’ condition and ensure durable service at an economical price.

Vitreq’s repair service is only applicable to Vitreq instruments.

Interested? Contact your local Vitreq customer service center and register your repair request. You will receive a case reference number, which must be clearly indicated on your shipping information.

If you don’t have a local Vitreq customer service center nearby, please contact Vitreq's Headquarters.

When submitting an instrument for repair, please provide the following information:

  • Facility name
  • Address, city/state/zip/country
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Description of problem
  • Case reference number
  • Proof that instrument is disinfected and sterile

Disinfection and sterilization:

All reusable instruments must be cleaned and sterilized before first-time use, as well as after each use.

Contact information BVI:

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