29G Spotlight directional chandelier


  • Improved illumination / visualization due to directional illumination system.
  • Directional Chandelier facilitates bimanual surgery.
  • Adapters provide compatibility to most endoillumination systems.

A new generation chandelier with major improvements  in functionality and ease of use.

The VitreQ 29G Spotlight Directional Chandelier featuring high-end specifications with consistent performance for bimanual ophthalmic endoillumination procedures.




"The Spotlight Directional Chandelier offers an easy and quick insertion in combination with an effective directional control of the light beam."

Developed in collaboration with Professor Claus Eckardt




  • Directional Chandelier system designed to enhance illumination control.
  • Wide view fiber tip for global endo-illumination.
  • Easy insertion and fixation of the fiber with 29G valved entry system.
  • 29G minimal invasive incision.
  • Integrated scleral marker.








Light Source Adaptors

The VitreQ 29G Spotlight Directional Chandelier is compatible with most endo-illumination systems in combination with Light Source Adaptors:

  • Constellation® Light Source Adaptors
  • Stellaris® Light Source Adaptors
  • Geuder® Light Source Adaptors
  • Ruck® Light Source Adaptors
  • DORC® Light Source Adaptors








Endo-Illumination Brief Statement for Vitreq Spotlight Directional Chandelier:

Indications for Use: VitreQ Spotlight Chandelier is intended for endo-illumination during ophthalmic surgery.
Precautions: Do not use product if package integrity has been breached or compromised; do not use product after the expiration date.
Caution (USA): Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on order of a licensed physician.
Attention: See Instructions for Use included in product packaging for complete listing of indications and warnings.

Instruction for use: Download IFU

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