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Treq-Blue is the purest of all dyes tested


  • Unmatched purity due to two-step purification process
  • High quality, ultra purified, safe surgical dye
  • Siliconized plunger and finger flanges for smooth intraocular injection

Treq-Blue 0.5 ml syringe (box/10)
Article number SL00.A01

For cataract surgery - stains anterior capsule in reduced red fundus reflex and poor visualization of rhexis rim.

Treq-Blue and purity

Treq-Blue is the purest of all dyes tested!

Treq-Blue is produced from highly purified TryphanBlue with a concentration of
0,06% (0,6 mg/ml). Vitreq has developed a new, unsurpassed purification process to effectively remove the colored and uncolored impurities in an elaborate two-step purification process. Ultra-purified dye increases the safety and staining effect.

Test specifications
Purity of the dyes was monitored by HPLC chromatography, carried out at Department of Life Sciences and Chemistry, Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany.

A C18 Gravity column from Macherey-Nagel was used. The eluent was a linear gradient from 0.02 M phosphate buffer pH = 6.0 to 100% acetonitril. Flow rate was 1.0 mL/min, and detection at 530 nm (absorption for pink dye impurities). Chromatography traces were integrated with the Clarity Lite software, using identical thresholds and a valley-to-valley baseline. The areas of the integrated peaks were summed up, and the sums of the percentages of the minor peaks are listed in the above table.

Treq-Blue for cataract surgery - stains anterior capsule in reduced red fundus reflex and poor visualization of rhexis rim.

  • Clear blue staining of anterior capsule, strong differentiation against underlying tissue.
  • Clear visualization of rhexis rim to avoid surgical complications.
  • Clear outline of rhexis rim during complete cataract procedure.
  • Ultra purification minimizes potential toxic effect and increases the staining effect.
  • Syringe packaged, ready-for-use.
  • Consistent performance due to safe and efficient production.
  • Treq-Blue is certified according to the medical device directive 93/42/EEC, annex 2.

Poor visualization in this clinical situation renders disruption of the capsulorhexis more likely, with the associated complications of this. Treq-Blue stains the anterior lens capsule clearly blue. The dye provides excellent visualization for better control of the capsulorhexis procedure. Clear visualization helps prevent surgical complications.

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