25G Forceps, Kuhn 45° Power Gripping

Product information

  • The Kuhn 45° Power Forceps is designed for peeling proliferative intravitreal, epi and sub-retinal membranes, lens capsule, iris, small IOFB, fibrinous membranes and more. The forceps is also suitable for peeling standard ILM and ERM membranes and attached posterior hyaloids.

  • Its unique tip design enables exceptional visualization while grasping the target tissue, with a 45°crocodile design inner surface that enables selective and strong grasping of the target tissue, regardless of its rigidity, size, orientation, or surface texture.

  • The VR surgeon can easily check internal alignment of the tip of the forceps during surgery via special marking on the instrument close to the tip. The forceps also features an ergonomically designed handle for improved intraocular control and precision during surgical maneuvers.

  • US patent (#10,376,277)

Primary applications

  • All-purpose forceps for standard and heavy duty membrane peeling

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Available sizes

(in Gauge)

23 25

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