Micro forceps & scissors

Disposable micro forceps & scissors


  • Functionality equal to reusable forceps & scissors
  • Enhanced functionality in a wide range of procedures.

Improved intraocular surgical control and precision in surgical maneuvers, with the added benefits of single use.

Ergonomically-designed disposable handle, similar in design and functionality as the reusable micro forceps & scissors. 
Featuring rigid shaft and new, Eckardt tip design, Vitreq’s disposable micro forceps and scissors enable improved intraocular surgical control and precision during surgical maneuvers. 


  • Ready to use.
  • New, reliable instruments every time.
  • No cleaning or sterilization required.
  • Perfect back-up for reusable instruments.
  • Functionality as reusable forceps/scissors.

Ergonomically-designed handle:

  • Improved intraocular surgical control and precision in surgical maneuvers.
  • Synchronized handle squeeze closes the tip to facilitate precise grasping and cutting. 
  • Round handle aligns instrument tip easily in right direction.
  • Comprised of lightweight and corrosion-resistant titanium.
  • Color coded for easy gauge identification.

Rigid shaft:

  • New hardened metal shaft reduces flexibility by 25%.
  • Reduced bend ability improves surgical control.

New Eckardt tip design:

  • Wider grasping platform results in reduced membrane tearing.
  • Shortened instrumenttip results in stronger grasping force.
  • Tip length ensures optimal balance between visualization and tractive force.

Wide size range:

  • Available in 20, 23, 25 and 27G.
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