Backflush instruments

Reusable backflush instruments and consumables


  • One, universal backflush handpiece for all needs.
  • Disposable high volume backflush reservoir for effective backflush capacity.

One universal hand piece covers all surgical backflush needs from passive to active aspiration.

Featuring an ergonomically-designed handle and disposable backflush reservoir connected directly to the backflush needle for safe backflush of intraocular fluids. Luer-lock connector on the distal instrument end can be used for active aspiration.

Ergonomically-designed handle:

  • Improved intraocular surgical control and precision during surgical maneuvers.
  • Passive and active aspiration control in one instrument.
  • Enlarged backflush reservoir for increased backflush capacity.

Rigid shaft:

  • New hardened metal shaft reduces flexibility by 25%.
  • Reduced bend ability improves surgical control.

Wide size range:

  • Available in 20, 23 and 25G.


  • For clear identification of instrument gauge size.
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Versatility designed to handle all your surgical backflush needs.

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