Backflush instruments

Disposable backflush instruments


  • One universal backflush hand piece for all needs.
  • Cost- effective and sterile single use.

Featuring an ergonomically designed handle, rigid shaft and high volume
backflush reservoir for increased backflush capacity.

Passive or active control using one disposable instrument, with ergonomically-designed handle and three options: classic - with blunt or brush tip; retractable - silicone brush tip can be retracted into the shaft for smooth and safe valved-cannula entry; extendable - 8mm extendable silicone tip can be used to drain fluid from behind the retina and standard backflush purposes.

Ergonomically designed handle:

  • Improved intraocular surgical control and precision during surgical maneuvers.
  • Passive and active aspiration control in one instrument.
  • Enlarged backflush reservoir for increased backflush capacity.
  • Available in standard, retractable and extendable backflush styles.
Disposable backflush reservoirs and needles:
  • High volume backflush reservoirs for increased backflush capacity.
  • Direct connection between reservoir and needle No contact between handpiece and intraocular fluids in passive backflush.
  • Disposable blunt needle tip and silicone brush needles available for atraumatic aspiration and brushing retinal surface.

Rigid shaft:

  • New hardened metal shaft reduces flexibility by 25%.
  • Reduced bend ability improves surgical control.


  • For clear identification of instrument gauge size.

Wide size range:

  • Available in 20, 23, 25 and 27G.
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