Introducing Shah X-tra Grip Forceps

  • Fine Tipped Forceps with Serrated Jaws platform.
  • Serrations angled 45° for maximum grasping of tissue.*
  • Fine tips allow for ILM lifting.
  • Serrated platform grasps and holds tissue, preventing slippage.
  • Effective for all types of tissue manipulation, ILM, ERM, PVR and diabetic tissue.
  • Available in 23G, 25G and 27G, in both reusable and disposable versions.

"The Shah X-tra Grip Forceps (23, 25 and 27G) employ tips that are fine enough to engage the edge of a membrane and the serrated platforms hold the tissue firmly in place". Gaurav Shah, MD (The Retina Institute)

* patent pending, Ferenc Kuhn, MD