"The Spotlight Directional Chandelier offers an easy and quick insertion in combination with an effective directional control of the light beam." - Developed in collaboration with Professor Claus Eckardt

(patent pending)

The VitreQ 29G Spotlight Directional Chandelier featuring high-end specifications with consistent performance for bimanual ophthalmic endoillumination procedures.

  • Directional Chandelier system designed to enhance illumination control.  
  • Wide view fiber tip for global endo-illumination.  
  • Easy insertion and fixation of the fiber with 29G valved entry system.  
  • 29G minimal invasive incision.  
  • Integrated scleral marker.


“Clever swivel mechanism coupled with its own 29g valved trocar made it my best 2019 chandelier” - dr. Eugene Ng (Ireland)