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Introducing Shah X-tra Grip Forceps

Fine Tipped Forceps with Serrated Jaws platform. Serrations angled 45° for maximum grasping of tissue.* Fine tips allow for ILM lifting. Serrated platform grasps and holds...

Introducing Kuhn 45° Power Forceps

The Kuhn 45° Power Forceps is designed for peeling proliferative intravitreal, epi and sub-retinal membranes, lens capsule, iris, small IOFB, fibrinous membranes and more....

Founding Pioneer of VR Surgery visits Vitreq

In December 2015, Vitreq was honored to welcome Dr. Relja Zivojnoviç, one of the world’s founding pioneers in VR surgery, as a visitor to its new premises.

Vitreq celebrated its US debut in Las Vegas

Vitreq celebrated its US debut at the recent Retina Subspecialty Day and 2015 AAO Annual Meeting held in Las Vegas.