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CryoTreq a game-changer in vitreoretinal surgery!

According to early surgeon experience, this device could be a complete game-changer in vitreoretinal surgery.

CryoTreq in surgical use

CryoTreq in surgical use by courtesy of Mr. Dr. Felipe Dhawahir-Scala, Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon and Director of the Acute Ophthalmic Services. Manchester Royal...

Launch CryoTreq®

BVI® launches CryoTreq®, a single-use handheld cryo-surgery device to revolutionize treatment of retinal tears and detachments: Eliminates the need for bulky, often...

Chandelier - Testimonial

Testimonial of Mr. Gerard McGowan MBChB FRCOphth, Tennent Institute of Ophthalmology in Glasgow, Gartnavel General Hospital