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  • Unmatched purity due to two-step purification process
  • High quality, ultra purified safe, surgical dye
  • Siliconized plunger and finger flanges for smooth intraocular injection

Specially developed ultrapure, innovative biomaterials for cataract surgery.

Treq-Blue is developed to stain the anterior lens capsule for cataract surgery in cases of reduced red fundus reflex and poor visualization of the rhexis rim.

Treq-Blue 0.5 ml syringe (box/10)
Article number SL00.A01

For cataract surgery - stains anterior capsule in reduced red fundus reflex and poor visualization of rhexis rim.

  • Clear blue staining of anterior capsule, strong differentiation against underlying tissue.
  • Clear visualization of rhexis rim to avoid surgical complications.
  • Clear outline of rhexis rim during complete cataract procedure.
  • Ultra purification minimizes potential toxic effect and increases the staining effect.
  • Syringe packaged, ready-for-use.
  • Consistent performance due to safe and efficient production.
  • Treq-Blue is certified according to the medical device directive 93/42/EEC, annex 2.

Poor visualization in this clinical situation renders disruption of the capsulorhexis more likely, with the associated complications of this. Treq-Blue stains the anterior lens capsule clearly blue. The dye provides excellent visualization for better control of the capsulorhexis procedure. Clear visualization helps prevent surgical complications.

Treq-Blue is produced from highly purified TryphanBlue with a concentration of
0,06% (0,6 mg/ml). Vitreq has developed a new, unsurpassed purification process to effectively remove the colored and uncolored impurities in an elaborate two-step purification process. Ultra-purified dye increases the safety and staining effect.

Treq-Blue is packaged in glass syringes with a siliconized plunger for smooth intraocular injection procedure.

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