Vitreq creates instruments for the ophthalmic society with a special focus on vitreoretinal surgery. Our products are perfectly matched to your needs. Fluid design that is achieved through working hand-in-hand with leading, innovative surgeons from all over the world: That is our vision.

With many years experience in design, production and marketing of high
quality products, Vitreq develops reliable and safe, next generation solutions
that enhance performance and support advanced surgical techniques.


Explore the latest news and views on Vitreq, products, developments and their use in clinical application. 

Introducing Shah X-tra Grip Forceps

Fine Tipped Forceps with Serrated Jaws platform. Serrations angled 45° for maximum grasping of tissue.* Fine tips allow for ILM lifting. Serrated platform grasps and holds tissue, preventing slippage. Effective for all types of tissue manipulation, ILM, ERM, PVR and diabetic tissue. Available in reusable 23G, 25G and 27G and disposable 23G, 25G and 27G....

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